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Welcome To Cinesma

Cinesma is an awe-inspiring platform for co-production, investment, networking and distribution. This unique platform transforms the movie industry by connecting filmmakers, producers, investors and distribution agents around the movie marketplace.

From filmmakers to investors, from cast to crew, Cinesma offers a dynamic platform with a FREE Membership and a promising exposure to the community of entertainment professionals. Fueling a culture of engagement and collaboration, Cinesma connects the minds with the resources and the talent to make productions happen.

Whether you look for coproduction opportunities, movies that are packaged, have an A list cast or crew, verified sales estimates, budget proof of funds or distribution confirmed, give yourself a chance to take this journey with Cinesma. There is no Plan B when it comes to movies, which is why Cinesma was created to become the platform you have always looked for keep track of film premieres and festivals, coproduction and movie funding opportunities, production benefits and tax incentives, distinguished faces and events.

We are constantly working to perfect the ways by means of which topnotch films and the talent behind them get to arrive into your inbox.

Cinesma is movie production trigger for those who don’t hesitate to click on us.